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About AgriNet​  

Our Story

Founded In 2008, AgriNet operates a network of 300 locally based agents.  This network now serves over 30,000 small-scale farmers with market information, agro-input supply, and output marketing services. 

AgriNet Uganda Limited  is one of the leading Ugandan  Agri-business firms with ground-breaking innovations in agricultural market information and brokerage . It has a history of over 15 years (Since 2008) with a list of achievements and accomplishments in pioneering private sector driven business models in real time agricultural market information, input and output market brokerage,  transaction security service,  supply chain management and agro-processing. We are a green enterprise whose desire is to make money in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

By aggregating consumer demand, we are building more robust and efficient supply chains that support business growth for suppliers, consistent quality for retailers, and most importantly – greater food security for everyone in Eastern Parts of Uganda. 


 To have an efficient, reliable, transparent and fair agricultural input and output market, that includes small scale farmers and all actors in the marketing chains.


  To increase the access of all market actors to domestic and export markets through making transparent links all along the marketing chains. 

Our Reach

AgriNet has a network of over 500 agents across Uganda currently reaching out to over 40,000 farmers (and 200 farmer organizations) across rural areas in Uganda, enabling smallholder farmers to access input and output market opportunities with volume buyers 

The Market & Our Customer

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