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Soybean | Maize | Rice | Sunflower

SoyBean | Maize | Rice | Sunflower


AgriNet Uganda Limited processes high quality branded maize flour, rice, animal feeds, targeting primarily high end super markets and urban consumers and trades in the buying and selling of white sorghum, maize, and soya beans, Cassava and amaranths, targeting large scale local and regional buyers such as the breweries on top of providing consultancy services specifically in farmer organizational development, supply chain management.

The company began with a single produce milling plant capable of processing 13,800 metric tons of grain annually, and eight years later, re-equipped a second produce milling plant with a capacity of 23,000 metric tons a year.

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AgriNet offers collection, storage, and processing of grains. AgriNet has expanded its operation by building a new Grain Handling & Trading Plant in Tororo, which operates as a grain division within the company. This enhances trading of different products to local & regional clients such as food relief agencies, regional breweries, livestock farmers, millers, hospitals, schools and governments: Our main products being Soybean, Maize, Rice and Sunflower 

Virgin Soybean Oil

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Soya Meal

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Soya  Sludge

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Rice Bran

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Sunflower Oil

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Sunflower Cake

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