| Reaching out to our Community

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Reaching Out to our Community 

We reach out to communities and offer training and encourage them to embrace our specialized seed technologies. As a company, we associate ourselves with the needs of our customer communities to include social wellbeing.

We work with community technology agents to hold farm demonstrations with the farmers. We sensitise farmers about various Home Harvest products
and services. 

We use radio to disseminate knowledge and skills to the farmers in various communities. We also use the farmer field days to train households to grow vegetables as a source of revenue and also for nutritional purposes.
Through the farmer field days, we are able to offer participants free home vegetable kits that enable them grow more food in their kitchen gardens. This improves their balanced diet and wellbeing. As a company, we envisage to support more households as we strive to make them secure their nutritional needs at household level.