We envision a world where agribusinesses and smallholder farmers prosper together through transparent and efficient market engagement. AgriNet believes that the poor livelihoods among smallholder farmers in Uganda can be changed through long-term market engagement and gradual attitude change. This should be focused on all actors along the value chains. Farmers’ market behavior suggests that in order to reduce their poverty levels, there is need for approaches that better meet their needs, increase their productivity and incomes, builds royalty, and empower their entry into the formal market economies.

AgriNet’s  business model has been developed from experience, to create innovative and practical solutions that are cost-effective. We are passionate about achieving social impact at scale and the growing reach of digital market access services makes this possible.


  • Increase smallholder farmer access to market opportunities through building strong, transparent and mutually beneficial relationships between buyers and sellers.
  • Increase smallholder farmer incomes and build their confidence to invest in production.
  • Create rural employment opportunities, in particular for youth and women as village agents. 
  • Enable farmers to produce sustainably through climate smart agriculture production practices.

AgriNet Uganda Limited

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