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What we Do

AgriNet offers innovative market linkage solutions and services for agribusiness value chain actors including smallholder farmers, traders, and large-scale process and exporters.

Agricultural Market Intelligence

This services involves the collection, analysis, packaging and dissemination of real time market information to farmers, traders, processors and other value chain actors, using mobile phone sms, info boards, e-mails, newsletters and local FM radio.


Agro-processing and value addition

We are the leading Maize flour, rice and feed processor in Eastern Uganda, with our factory in Tororo. We process, package and sell maize flour, rice, and animal feeds in customized packages of 5,10,20, and 50 kgs. We also buy a range of raw materials for use in the processing including maize, soya bean, rice bran, cassava, sorghum.


Market brokerage

Are you looking for an agricultural commodity to buy or are you looking for a market to sell your product? We can help you buy or sell using our online trading/mobile phone platform, “Kudu”

  • To sell on kudu, send a message to 8228 saying; SELL CROP QUANTITY PRICE.

Eg to sell 2 tons of maize at 1500, send a message to 8228 saying sell maize 2000 1500

  • To buy 2 tons of maize at 1400, send a message to 8228 saying, buy maize 2000 1400



Capacity Building and Training

We provide consultancy in training farmers and agribusiness traders on; value addition train, market intelligence, and farming as a business among others.